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DCN has a number of all-volunteer committees.

Web Team
The Web Team meets as pre-scheduled, on Thursday evenings, to develop and maintain the DCN Web site and community-serving web applications. Chairperson: Steve McMahon.

Resources Allocation Committee
Formerly the Information Providers Committee (IPC), this Committee meets on the third Monday evening of each month, to review public requests and make awards of specified DCN Internet services and applications to community organizations and groups. Chairperson: Jan Meizel.

Executive Committee
Comprising the four DCN Board Officers and the Executive Director, the Executive Committee (and invited guests) meets on most Fridays over lunch, to coordinate current work.

Nomination Committee
Committee members are appointed (volunteer) annually to contact and recommend candidates for the DCN Board.

Finance & Fund Development Committee
Comprising the DCN Board Treasurer, the Executive Director, and others as needed.  Advises DCN on finance related matters, including: budget and fund development.

Public Education Committee
Formerly the Training Committee, comprised of the Executive Director and selected instructors, this Committee coordinates and conducts DCN’s public Classes and Workshops, often in coordination with the Web Team.

Outreach & Promotion Committee
This Committee plans and coordinates DCN’s marketing, various regional outreach efforts, and special events.

Strategic Planning Committee
Meeting as required (annually), this Committee includes the DCN Board and some Committee members, to review and recommend strategies and projects for coming years.

Technical Operations Committee
This Committee is comprised of representatives of DCN’s primary institutional and technical partners, including Omsoft Technologies, City of Davis, UC Davis, and others, to make decisions and recommendations for DCN’s coordinated technical systems and NOC facility.

For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering to serve on a DCN Committee, please contact

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