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Privacy Policy

Some of the primary purposes of Davis Community Network (“DCN”) are to promote, facilitate and encourage the exchange of information and other communication within and about the City of Davis, California and surrounding communities. At the same time DCN is sensitive to the personal and private nature of some of the information it may collect and disseminate. Accordingly DCN adopts the Safe Harbor policy with respect to privacy concerns, based on the principles enacted by the European Union in 1998:

  1. NOTICE: DCN will inform individuals about the purposes for which it collects information about them, how to contact DCN with any inquiries or complaints, the types of third parties to which it discloses the information, and the choices and means DCN offers individuals for limiting its use and disclosure. This notice will be provided in clear and conspicuous language when individuals are first asked to provide personal information to the organization or as soon thereafter as is practicable, but in any event before DCN uses such information for a purpose other than that for which it was originally collected or discloses it to a third party.
  2. CHOICE: DCN will offer individuals the opportunity to choose (opt out) whether and how personal information they provide is used or disclosed to third parties (except to law enforcement authorities as required by law) where such use is incompatible with the purpose for which it was originally collected or with any other purpose disclosed to the individual in a notice. They shall be provided with clear and conspicuous, readily available, and affordable mechanisms to exercise this option. For sensitive information, such as medical and health information, information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or information concerning the sex life of the individual they must be given affirmative or explicit (opt in) choice.
  3. ONWARD TRANSFER: DCN reserves the right to share additional personal information with its existing affiliates and partners without further notice to the individuals affected as necessary to fulfill the purposes of the affiliation or partnership. DCN also reserves the right to share personal information with successor affiliates and partners when the use of the information is the same or similar to the use of the information by its predecessor affiliate or partner. Except for disclosures to law enforcement authorities as required by law, DCN will only disclose personal information to third parties consistent with the principles of notice and choice. Where DCN has not provided choice because a use is compatible with the purpose for which the data was originally collected or which was disclosed in a notice and DCN wishes to transfer the data to a third party, DCN may do so if it first either ascertains that the third party subscribes to the safe harbor principles or enters into a written agreement with such third party requiring that the third party provide at least the same level of privacy protection as is required by the relevant safe harbor principles.
  4. SECURITY: DCN shall take reasonable measures to assure the reliability of data it collects for its intended use and shall take reasonable precautions to protect it from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.
  5. DATA INTEGRITY: Consistent with safe harbor principles, DCN may only process personal information relevant to the purposes for which it has been gathered. To the extent necessary for those purposes, DCN should take reasonable steps to ensure that data is accurate, complete, and current.
  6. ACCESS: Individuals shall have reasonable access to personal information about them that DCN holds and be able to correct or amend that information where it is inaccurate. Reasonableness of access depends on the nature and sensitivity of the information collected, its intended uses, and the expense and difficulty of providing the individual with access to the information.
  7. COMPLAINTS: Individuals and businesses have the right to lodge complaints concerning DCN’s adherence to this policy, and to make suggestions for improvement. The complaint shall be presented either to the Executive Director or to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of such a complaint, the Executive Director may investigate and resolve the complaint, or refer the matter to the Board. Should the Board receive a complaint, it shall appoint a committee of at least three members to investigate and resolve the complaint. DCN assumes the obligation to remedy problems arising out of failure to comply with these principles.
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