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The First Ten Years

Civic Networking Project
A funded partnership of the University of California at Davis, Davis Community Network, City of Davis, County of Yolo and Yolo County Volunteer Center, to develop free, public domain, online communication tools and content on the Davis Community Network in three areas: geographic information systems, specialized document web service, and an on-line volunteer management and coordination system.
Building a Smart Community
DCN was a selected and funded California Smart Communities Project case study and research partner from 1994-1999.
"Bioregional Watershed Decisionmaking" Project
USGS/National Spatial Data Infrastructure grant (1998) (partnership through NRCS and RCD)
Weaving the Web
Migrant Worker Families and Telecommunications Project
Tejiendo la Red
Tejiendo la Red es un proyecto de demostraciĆ³n ...
Yolo Area Regional Network
Yolo Area Regional Network (YARN) is dedicated to the cooperative development of telecommunication systems and services for the benefit and enhancement of this regional community's social, cultural, economic, political and environmental future.
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