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Introduction to Internet Tools for Nonprofits

Developed by DCN, this "Nonprofit Internet Toolkit" describes a variety of tools, resources, classes and support that could improve a nonprofit's effectiveness in serving its mission.

Every nonprofit has fundamental needs. For example, all nonprofits need to inform, educate and/or inspire people about their organizations or causes.  All nonprofits need to communicate with their members and clients. These needs can often be met by applying the right tool to the task.

DCN has created or adapted a set of three basic tools that are for use by local Davis and Yolo County area nonprofits - a simple website template, an email list tool, and a web calendar. The importance of using tools that are hosted locally and for which there is local and personal help should not be underestimated. 


DCN Tools: 

(Tools created or adapted by DCN for use by local Yolo County nonprofits)

  1. The ExplanationDCN's Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)  page of information - including eligibility and the application form. (
  2. The Tools: DCN's Three Basic Internet Communication Tools for Nonprofits
    [ ]
  3. The Guide: General information and a list of links to help pages for the three DCN Tools 
  4. The HelpHelp pages for nonprofits who are currently using one or more of the DCN Tools

Other Tools:

(Currently under review with an eye to additions and extractions)
  • Collaborative Workflow Tools
     Internet tools designed to help nonprofits and individuals collaborate better 
  • Communication Tools 
    These tools help your organization to communicate better with your audience and the public
  • Multimedia Tools 
    You can invite your organization's audience to become more engaged in your mission through these media tools.
  • Social Networking Tools  coming soon
    These tools can be used by nonprofit organizations as a way to connect, build, and strengthen interactive relationships with constituents
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