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Mailman (Email List)

Use an electronic mailing list to communicate with your constituents and staff members through announcements as well as through discussions and collaboration. Every DCN SimpleSite has the option to use a built-in form for people to subscribe to the mailing list. They can also use the form to unsubscribe (remove themselves from the list). With a little extra work, the standard sign-up form can be modified to add some additional information beyond email information (see as an example). Very large lists can be used with this service; some of the organizations on DCN have more than 1000 subscribers. Pre-existing electronic mailing lists can be added as a group and a list of subscribers can also be exported from Mailman into a file such as a spreadsheet.

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DCN provides email list (listserver) at no cost to qualified local nonprofits and not-for-profit groups. Simply fill out an online application form.
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