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This AmeriCorps CTC VISTA Project

This AmeriCorps CTC VISTA Project, the Volunteer Management and Nonprofit Internet Toolkits, is a combination of community networking, technology assistance to nonprofits, and digital media which is intended to ensure the benefits of the next-generation web serve the public interest and benefit civic society in Davis and in Yolo County. DCN's VISTA, Rian Graves, has worked with the VISTA Project Team to work directly with six nonprofits, including DCN (California Bike Museum, Yolo County Food Bank, Yolo Community Foundation, Tree Davis, STEAC) to test a small (3-4) set of tools, including tools from the current DCN Toolkit. As Ms. Graves spent over one year with DCN. She understands common nonprofit needs and is working with the VISTA Project Team to test current DCN Toolkit tools to match specific nonprofit needs. The VISTA Project Team's goals are to: a) identify minor but high priority modifications to the current DCN Toolkit; b) test additional tools to match nonprofit needs, collecting information on sustainability and related ongoing support; c) make recommendations to the DCN Board for approval of minor modifications to the current DCN Toolkit; and, d) build a nonprofit community for ongoing mutual aid in the use of Internet tools by nonprofits, with ongoing DCN support for the community.

DCN's Volunteer Management Project
Nonprofit Internet Toolkit and Resources
Every nonprofit has fundamental needs. For example, all nonprofits need to inform, educate and/or inspire people about their organizations or causes. Many nonprofits need to manage volunteers. All nonprofits need to raise money. These needs can be met by applying the right tool to the task. With the help of many contributors, DCN has put together a Nonprofit Internet Toolkit of tools that have the potential to help nonprofits with their various needs. The Nonprofit Internet Toolkit describes a variety of tools, resources, classes and support that could improve a nonprofit's effectiveness in serving its mission. The section on Basic Internet Resources for Nonprofits describes the tools that DCN currently recommends and provides to local nonprofits. The other categories (Collaborative Workflow Tools, Communication Tools, etc.) reflect our research on tools that are generally available to nonprofits, describes models for how they are currently used by some nonprofits, and provides best practices in their use. As part of a pilot program involving six local nonprofits (through September, 2008), DCN is testing and evaluating various tools from this list for potential addition to our toolkit, but note that these additional tools are *not* currently supported by our Resource Allocation Committee, our Webteam, or our regular consulting or training programs.
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