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Screening, Selection and Assignment of Volunteers

Each potential candidate for a volunteer position is usually screened. The extent of screening for each position depends on the nature of the tasks to be performed by the volunteer, i.e. Will the volunteer be working directly with children? Will the volunteer be working in a health facility? etc.  Screening often involves carefully examining each application, conducting background checks (as a way to to verify information on the resume, identify any legal problems, etc.), and interviewing the most suitable candidates.  After candidates have been screened, in theory, there will be a candidate that seems to be the most suitable for the unfilled volunteer position. This candidate should be formally (or officially) approached with an offer letter that describes the terms that the organization is offering and the activities that the organization wants the volunteer to conduct. The offer might include any benefits, i.e. free trainings, use of facilities for private use, etc.

Online Volunteer Application Form

Application form for prospective volunteers inculdes the following information: Application date, name, contact information (email, phone number), volunteer position sought (from list of types with brief description for standing volunteer recruitments, or reference to special project of interest from the website), work phone, home phone, email address, highest level of education, employment (e.g., would you likeus to keep your employer abreast of your volunteer service and achievement, current employer (if applicable), company address; special training, skills and hobbies; groups, clubs and organizaational memberships; previous experiences relevant to volunteer work (description of field - e.g., web design, tech-mentoring, web maintenance, volunteer management, etc.); what do you hope to gain from the volunteer experience.

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