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Volunteer Management Lite

Online resources, including effective practices

  1. Here is a link that provides useful information about developing a volunteer management program:  It addressed a more formal process for volunteer recruitment,  going from job description to application form to a list of "interview questions." It explains everything step by step. We don't have to go back and re-invent the wheel.

  2. If you are interested in fundraising tools or educator resources you should be sure to check this website out:

  3. Here is a great site for volunteer software that supports recruiting, tracking qualifications, scheduling and recording hours, reporting, communications, automation and volunteer engagement:

  4. If you are trying to figure out which database to adopt for your nonprofit or volunteer management program check out the following:

  5. If you are interested in seeing other volunteer management toolkits click on this link:

  6. Here is a comprehensive list of resources found on TechSoup, including a technical volunteer questionnaire and a nonprofit manual for working with technical volunteers.

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