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DCN Service Enhancements

DCN recently completed a transition to an improved server platform and is rolling out enhancements to the services associated with your account. These improvements bring greater flexibility and security to DCN's core services: email and web hosting. DCN is also preparing to offer a more application-rich future to its users.


Below is a brief list of upgrades that are being implemented on DCN's primary server (

  • User Account Control Panel
    This web interface allows users to set up email forwarding, autoresponders, and password changes.  To access the interface you will need to enter your DCN username (in lower case) and your password. The Control Panel can be found at
  • New Email Capability with Full IMAP Support
    IMAP is a slightly different way of getting and storing your email. You can use it to keep your email and folder structure together across multiple devices (e.g., a smartphone, your computer's email program, the DCN webmail platform). Web site documentation on changing to IMAP mail will be forthcoming in the next month.
  • Send mail from anywhere - SMTP Authentication
    Users with DCN mail addresses can send email from wherever they are in the world through the DCN mail server. Until now the mail server policy prevented mail from being sent from outside the DCN network for security reasons. This service enhancement uses an SSL security certificate component for encryption of mail transactions.  It will be available via the mail server  Documentation on how to adjust your email program settings will be available in about a month.
  • Individual SPAM Management capability and reporting
    DCN will soon make its SPAM firewall available to user login. This means that users will be able to go in and adjust their SPAM controls to whitelist or blacklist addresses as desired.
  • Future Service Enhancements
    Some of the services under consideration are webmail with calendaring, backups, web collaborative suites, and security services such as VPN access.  If you have a particular interest in seeing any of these implemented, please contact us at


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