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Free website options come with trade-offs

Why choose to use DCN's free resources rather than other online resources, commercial or otherwise?

Free website options come with trade-offs

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For many individuals and even some organizations, free online resources such as a website from a commercial platform can seem an obvious choice, and for lots of folks it is a great option. There are drawbacks, however, for organizations that experience turnover in volunteers responsible for things like email listserves and website updates. Passwords leave town along with that departing volunteer. A less tech savvy recruit may have trouble getting up to speed. And we have all experienced the frustration that often ensues with a call to the help desk or tech support!

Thanks to Davis Community Network, nonprofits and community groups in Yolo County have a distinct advantage when it comes to free online services. Not only does DCN provide free easy-to-use websites, email listserves and calendars; we provide classes to teach your volunteers how to use these tools to best benefit your organization.

Can’t make a class? We have a host of online tutorials, and volunteers willing to provide one-on-one training if needed.

Lost an administrative password?
DCN can help your group reset it.  

And, by the way, our web guru was probably the guy standing in line with you at Mishka’s this morning. All of our personnel and all of our equipment resides right here in Davis. The free websites that DCN provides for local organizations are hosted on DCN’s own servers. We partner with local ISP Omsoft Technologies to provide DCN email addresses. Your organization's calendar is seamlessly integrated with the Davis Community Calendar to easily get the word out about your next event.

Most importantly, the people behind DCN are your neighbors. They volunteer their time and talents to make our community a better place.


DCN Resources

Other Online Resources

Cost $0 $0 to thousands
Account ownership Your group.  DCN can help your group reset the password if necessary. Changing the password or the owner email address without the cooperation of the original registrant may not be possible.  Your organization could lose control of its account.
Storage Your contents and data are stored locally on DCN servers. The Cloud
Ownership of contents and data Your group Depends on their policy and terms which may be subject to change any time.
In person classes and  training Yes No
Easy integration with the Davis Community Calendar Yes No
Advertisements None Likely
Local platform Yes No
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