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DCN board member Russ Hobby wins CENIC Outstanding Individual Achievement Award for 2009

[February 2009] CENIC is delighted to present the 2009 Outstanding Individual Achievement Award to Russ Hobby. Russ has long been active in the research and application of networking and in particular has been active in California's R&E networking efforts through various roles with CENIC.

Russ served as the first chair of CENIC's Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and continued to serve in this position from 1997 to July 2001.  As the TAC chair, he provided the leadership required to build camaraderie across institutions within California.  He was instrumental in conducting design efforts for the original CalREN-2 network and coordinated efforts to set technical policy and future directions for the new network, vital foundational work that will continue to benefit California's research and education community for a long time to come.

In 2001, CENIC President and Executive Director Tom West said of Russ on his retirement as TAC Chair, "We owe [Russ Hobby] a great deal of thanks and appreciation for his outstanding leadership of TAC since its inception back in 1997.  Russ' diligence to the tasks at hand and his easy manner of running the TAC ensured that TAC became a 'team' vision and process."

Russ also led CENIC's Optical Network Initiative (ONI) architecture team to develop the first CalREN optical network, which is now the underlying framework for CalREN's DC, HPR, and XD network tiers.

Russ also served on CENIC Annual Conference Program Committees during his tenure as TAC Chair and has continued to participate in CENIC activities, including participating in the HPR Network TAC and speaking at several CENIC conferences.

Russ's longstanding commitment to CENIC and its goals makes him a worthy recipient for this award, and CENIC is proud to present it to him and even more so to have benefited from his insight and leadership.

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