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Cyber Security


This talk will explore some ways to be cyber smart in an age where more and more things are interconnected. What does a data breach really mean -- and how does it really affect the average person? This presentation will review some concepts and terms becoming more common in today's news, IOT, SmartGrids, SmartCars, and EMV, and explore the relationship between information security and privacy, including the most effective ways people can stay safe online.

Dewight Fredrick Kramer is an Information Security Consultant for UC Davis.  He works with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the Information Security Team to help raise the information security maturity level for all of campus.  Dewight started in computers around 1996 where in community college he tutored people in the use of computers.  Around 1998 he left formal school and became a full time Aikido apprentice where for the next several years he learned how to build and run a martial art school. Upon graduating his apprenticeship Dewight returned to formal education graduating from UC Davis in 2007.  Today Dewight continues his practice in Aikido as an instructor in Sacramento, and finishing a Masters of Science program in Information Security through Western Governors University. 


Instructor Date
Dewight Kramer 5/19/2015
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