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Digital Image Basics for Websites and Prints

When you leave the class, you'll have a conceptual understanding of how a digital image is stored, what factors affect image size and appearance, tips for managing images and tools you can utilize to ensure your images are ready for printing and/or posting on the web.

  • You pulled up the website you're responsible for and had to get a cup of coffee before the images finished loading. 
  • Volunteers called to complain that the photos in your organization's last newsletter made them appear much skinnier/fatter than they are in reality. 
  • Your computer predicted it would take 3 days to email/upload your 1-page flyer for tomorrow's event to the copy shop.

If you've found yourself in any of the above situations, join us for this beginners workshop on the basics of digital images.  

Instructor Dates
Nick Cheng 4/24/2012

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