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DCN Community Web Forum Class

For three weeks, from June 21st through Sunday, July 11th, DCN is hosting a special Community Forum, sponsored by the City of Davis, on "The City Council's Goals and Objectives for 2004-2006".   This is your chance to use your computer and the Internet for local democratic engagement.   The City Council wants to hear from you.   Log on to the Forum and read the postings; post a thoughtful response, or ask questions.   If this turns out to be a productive means of civic communication and decision-support, DCN may host other Forums in the future.

DCN will conduct a free class on how to use and post to the Community Forum, on Wednesday, June 23rd, 6:30-8:00 p.m., at the City Computer Lab, 600 A Street (between City Hall and the Senior Center; enter courtyard off south parking lot).

This hands-on class is intended to assist those of you who have not used web forums before, and would benefit from a short tutorial, including registering, navigating the site, reading topic postings and posting to topics of personal interest or knowledge.   Come by; and tell friends who may need a bit of help.

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Steve McMahon
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