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Web Page Creation 101*

*Online tutorial available.

"What are the basics of creating a Web page?"

This free, introductory, 90 min. DCN class is for anyone motivated to find out about how web pages are made. The session will explain how to start thinking about making a web page and how to use HTML (HyperTextMarkupLanguage) code.  The information will be useful for those who want to start a web page for an organization, a business or for themselves with either raw HTML or a commercial web page editor. Come and join us for 45 minutes of explanation and a further 45 minutes of hands-on practice.

The class outline is on the web at

Class instructors: Anne Hance and Jan Meizel

Instructor Dates online help 
Anne Hance and Jan Meizel 5/27/2003, 5/17/2004, 9/27/2007
Online help available. Please see:

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