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Workshop on Web Use (new Internet applications)

Reference materials available online.

A free question-and-answer workshop on "New Internet Application" on March 2.  With the rapid proliferation of new open source, communication and publishing tools -- such as wikis, blogs and podcasting -- websites have been transformed.  Many of these and other new applications may be of interest and usefulness to local organization sites.

DCN wants to help inform, discuss and to find out what you want to know about these and other new Internet applications and trends.  See appended outlines.  Based on who attends and what we hear, DCN plans to schedule more in-depth classes on the use of specific applications, and will offer some new free tools and hosting to requesting groups.

• Access (Broadband): DSL, Cable, Satellite, WiFi, T-1, other (wired / wireless)
• Hardware: desktop computers, mobile devices, convergence, ubiquity
• Software: proprietary (MS), open source (Linux, etc.)
• Free Public Licensing: open source software, digital rights management, Creative Commons
• Communication Tools: web, wikis, podcasting, Internet telephony, iChat, streaming, searching
• Publishing Tools: content management, Plone, Drupal, blogs, mapping, Flickr
• Integrated Applications: digital storytelling
• Concepts: walled gardens, Web 2.0, social software, collective intelligence, information ecology

facilitator Date  Place  online help
Richard Lowenberg
03/02/2006  Davis Police Station, Conference Rm., 2600 Fifth St.  Reference materials

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