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This list will be updated periodically.  "Alternative Terms" may include commonly used but inaccurate terms.


Technical Terms Alternative Terms 1 Alternative Terms 2 Alternative Terms 3 Alternative Terms 4
.csv (file extension) comma separated values      
.pdf (file extension)  Portable Document Format      
.xls  (file extension) Excel file      
aggregated calendar pooled calendar groups calendar    
banner logo photo picture  
credential name and password      
CSS Cascading Style Sheet website's appearance code decorate
domain name        
file (as used in SimpleSites) PDF word-processed document (e.g. doc, docx, rtf, etc.)    
file (note: this term has a different usage for SimpleSites) page webpage    
form survey questionnaire sign up  
HTML Hypertext Markup Language code    
id user name list name (in Mailman) site name (the last portion of your URL in SimpleSites) calendar name (the last portion of your web calendar's URL)
image picture photo graphics  
layout website's appearance
log in name user name name    
Mailman listserve list email list email list management
MiniPortal SimpleSite      
skin (as used in SimpleSites) website's appearance decorate
style website's appearance decorate    
stylesheet website's appearance code decorate  
subscribe register sign up join  
table chart grid    
theme color scheme visual theme palette decorate
URL Uniform Resource Locator web address website name address
user id name      
user name name      
WYSIWYG visual editor what you see is what you get    

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