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* Web Presence on DCN * E-mail Forwarding * E-mail List Service
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Disk Storage

Your DCN account comes with a default 10MB disk space allocation. DCN provides for additional disk space according to the schedule below.

Setup:   $25
up to 24MB    $5/month
up to 99MB    $10/month
up to 249MB   $20/month
up to 399MB $30/month
up to 549MB $40/month
up to 699MB $50/month

Disk Storage Application Form

Domain Name Service

This service allows a DCN subscriber to use their own internet domain name in place of "". For example, if a subscriber had the account name "aperson" and established the domain name "", they could use the e-mail address "" and the web address "".

Note: Domain Registrars charge registration and maintenance fees for domain names under the "COM", "ORG", "NET", "EDU", "BIZ", "COOP", "INFO", "NAME" and "GOV" and root domains. These fees are in addition to DCN fees, and payment to the registrar is the responsibility of the subscriber.

Setup:   $25
Ongoing:   $12.95/month (or $129.50/year)

Additional Domain Name Service Information and Application Form

Virtual Hosting + DNS

This combination of services allows web pages hosted on the DCN server to appear to the world as if they are on the subscriber's own web server. For example, if a DCN subscriber purchased Virtual Hosting for the domain name "", he/she would be able to use the web address "" to point to his/her own web pages without including DCN's address in his/her URL path (ie. ""). These services also allow the subscriber to have his or her own web access logs and some unique web server configuration settings. DCN retains control over settings related to server security.

Because DCN Virtual Hosting includes DCN Domain Name Service, the pricing chart below includes both DCN Virtual Hosting and DCN Domain Name Service set-up and ongoing fees.  (Note: see DNS section above for information about additional domain name InterNIC fees.)

Setup:   $25
Ongoing:   $12.95/month (or $129.50/year)

Virtual Host Service Application Form

Web Presence on DCN Pages

The following fee applies to links from the DCN home page. DCN reserves the right to restrict links to those deemed suitable for a community network and to limit the number of available links. Please note that this category of service pertains ONLY to the official DCN web pages, and does not affect a subscriber's ability to create and maintain his/her own web pages.

Setup:   $25
Link:   $100/month (or $1080/year) *

* Includes thumbnail icon and link; 10 available.

Links located upon lower-level DCN web pages may become available in the future. However, due to unresolved administrative and maintenance issues, they are not currently offered.

E-mail Forwarding

This service is designed for those moving their e-mail service to another provider. For a flat fee of $25 per LoginID (payable in advance), DCN will forward e-mail to a single new address for a period of three months.

E-mail List Service

E-mail lists using Mailman software may be established by DCN customers. The list name may be suggested by the customer, but must be approved by DCN. The customer will be the list owner (the manager / administrator of the list), and will be responsible for list maintenance using the majordomo maintenance command set. Although list management is not difficult, it does require some familiarity with software configuration settings.

The fee for an e-mail list is $5/month per up to a limit of 1000 names on the list.

E-mail List Service Application Form

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