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Opportunity to apply for a position on the Board of Directors in 2009-2010



Just as technology and our use of technology change, the DCN Board of Directors (BOD) is evolving to serve our community in new and different ways.  For 2009-2010, a key goal is to increase the depth and breadth of our Board.  We desire to augment our team with new members who possess the following skills and experience:

Funds Development Lead

DCN is committed to developing and growing a successful fund development program.  Toward that end, we are assembling a fund development team that brings energy and experience to the effort.  Ideal fund development board candidates will have fund development experience in a nonprofit setting.  In particular, we seek an individual who has been successful in 1) conceiving, planning, organizing, and implementing fundraising activities, events or initiatives; 2) grant proposal writing -- either big or small; 3) developing strong partner relationships, especially with those able to financially support a worthy cause or organization.  In addition to strong communication and organizational skills, the preferred candidate will be able to provide guidance and mentoring to others on the fund development team and to our BOD to develop our skills and abilities in this vitally important area.

Outreach and Promotions Lead

Many community organizations benefit from the services and training DCN provides.  However, DCN may be “one of the best kept secrets in Yolo County,” and we recognize that we need to spread the good news and to do so, DCN will be stepping up its outreach and promotion efforts.  Ideal outreach and promotions board member candidates will bring rich and varied writing and design experience in both traditional and non-traditional media.  DCN is an online medium, so our promotions and outreach efforts may include such modern communications platforms as the Internet, emailed newsletters, blogs and social media venues (Facebook, Twitter and others).  Our message may also be effectively delivered through traditional methods (news releases, feature stories, brochures).  Consistent with our strategic plan and annual goals, the successful candidate will help lead us in more effective ways to share our vision, mission and message within the communities that we currently serve, as well as help us identify and reach out to those communities that we would like to support in the future.  We are looking for the right mix of experience, creativity and energy that will elevate the visibility and awareness of DCN and modernize our image in the community.

Educational Outreach Lead

We are truly fortunate to be surrounded by a prestigious institution, the University of California – Davis (UCD), as well as high-performing public schools.  There are tremendous opportunities to collaborate at multiple levels with the university and public school systems to expand services, implement new technologies, raise education and awareness and prepare the next generation to be even more successful in this increasingly connected world.  Our ideal candidate will bring credibility, experience and relationship-building skills to guide us in our efforts to grow and expand our partnerships with these vitally important stakeholders.

If you or someone you know of possesses the energy, vision and experience to help us move forward, please share your thoughts and ideas by contacting our recruitment chair, Brian Gegan, at (916) 549-3821 or

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