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Community Calendar & Web Calendars for Organizations

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Many organizations have learned that they now need an interactive calendar on their web sites. The problem is that there are many calendar program plug-ins available online, but none that effectively meet both organizational requirements and community event posting needs, specifically for Davis. The DCN Web Team has developed an integrated solution: an easy to use, aggregated and linked Organization Calendar and a Davis Community Calendar. DCN’s web calendar program is intended to be used by Davis area institutions, local nonprofit groups and community organizations, at no cost.

Apply for a web calendar
Nonprofit and not-for-profit groups in the local area are welcome to apply for this tool from DCN's Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)
Sample usage of the calendar by local organizations.
View the Davis Community Calendar
Goals and Vision of the Community Calendar
How To Add An Event To The Davis Community Calendar
Two easy ways.
Event Submission Guidelines
Please read this document before submitting any events to the Community Calendar
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