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Goals and Vision of the Community Calendar

  1. Enrich the community by providing a comprehensive, informative, and searchable event guide for Davis residents and visitors.
  2. Help event planners avoid scheduling conflicts by having the information accessible online all the time.
  3. Enable participating event organizers to update events and make changes in real time.
  4. Empower community-based not-for-profit groups, large and small, with a free and effective avenue to publicize events.
  5. Provide a tool for our community to literally "view" the abundant and diverse activities as well as to identify deficient areas, and thereby be better equipped to fill the gaps.
  6. Promote a sense of community.
  7. Facilitate the creation of customized shared (aggregated) calendars by enabling data of selected groups from the event library to be automatically displayed in the shared (aggregated) calendars – great for division of labor or pooling volunteer resources.

For example, if each school in the district had a calendar for, say band, selected entries from their calendar can be flagged by their own calendar managers to automatically compile a district-wide band calendar. Another set of selected entries can be flagged to show up in their respective school’s PTA calendar, or be combined with other school-related music calendars to form a district-wide music calendar. In addition, public performances can be flagged for automatic display in the Community Calendar.

Likewise, if each team of a sport had a calendar, then their selected entries could potentially be used to configure a division calendar, a league calendar or a city-wide sports calendar.

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