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Mailman email lists

  • Examples of local groups that use DCN Mailman Lists
  • Use an electronic mailing list to communicate with your members, constituents and/or staff members through announcements as well as through discussions and collaboration. 
  • Every DCN SimpleSite has the option to use a built-in form for people to subscribe to the mailing list.
  • The form is also used to unsubscribe (remove themselves from the list). 
  • DCN Mailman Lists are also used simply as lists accessed via the DCN web interface and a unique email address with no connection to your website.
  • The Mailman program software and the Mailman list of your group's names reside on a DCN server, not on your computer's hard-drive. However. the names and email addresses are easily accessible to you via the web interface by which you manage your List(s)
  • Very large lists can be used with this service; some of the organizations on DCN have more than 1000 subscribers. 
  • Pre-existing electronic mailing lists can be added as a group and a list of subscribers can also be exported from Mailman into a file such as a spreadsheet.

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