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Email Lists Using Mailman Listserver

DCN provides email list at no cost to qualified local nonprofits and not-for-profit groups. Use it to communicate with groups of any size -- your members, constituents or staff members. Use it for one-way announcements or discussions and collaboration.

  • Subscription (and removal of subscription) can be done via an online form. The form can be easily integrated into a SimpleSite.  It can also be used as a stand alone with its unique web address if you don't use a SimpleSite.
  • Mass subscription is possible for adding a pre-existing list of email addresses. 
  • The list of subscribers can be exported from Mailman.
  • More than 200 local groups have chosen to use DCN's common (shared) web platform rather than the various free, commercial programs/tools. Besides helping to build community assets, the organization to which the list was granted owns the data.  The merits may not be as obvious at first; with some other services, the data belongs to the hosting company and de facto control over it to the individual who set it up and holds the password.  In contrast, DCN can help your organization reset the password in case it becomes inaccesssible.  (Also see Free website options come with trade-offs.) 
  • Partial list of local groups that use DCN Mailman Lists
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