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Meeting Notes October 6, 2004

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network Resource Allocation Committee Regular Meeting Oct 6 2004 Meeting Notes Members present: Brattesani, Chiles, Hance (Chair), Seth, Ex Officio Lowenberg Members absent: Bodenhorn, Evans, Yamagata Visitors: Ginger Leacox, Janet Boulware, Tim Allis, Peggy Phelps, Maria Luchesi

  1. Called to Order at 6:30 pm 2. Approved Agenda with addition of 3 e) 3. Reviewed Projects a) Request on behalf of Pioneer Elementary PTA Presented by Ginger Leacox Approved: 1 Simple Site 1 Calendar 4 Mailman Lists Web Team Help

    b) Request on behalf of Harper Jr. High Band Boosters Presented by Janet Boulware Approved: 1 Mailman List 1 Calendar Web Team Help

    c) Request on behalf of Old East Davis Neighborhood Association Presented by Tim Allis Approved: 1 shell account 1 Simple Site 2 Mailman Lists 1 Calendar

    d) The additional disk allocations for exporit (has 25 MB) stckphoto (has 15 MB) were authorized for a further 12 months ie. until Nov 1, 2005 Richard L. will contact Jason Aller to encourage him to make the images more accessible.

    e) Request on behalf of Yolo Adult Day Health Center Presented by Peggy Phelps and Maria Luchesi. We helped Peggy develop a rough budget for a grant project needing DCN assistance in various ways. DCN would provide services inkind as well as for a fee to help the Yolo Adult Day Health Center develop a computerized register of frail elderly and disabled Yolo County residents with memory impairment. The registry, designed to be accessed by law enforcement offices, is to assist in the safe return of registered seniors who wander from their homes. In the event that the grant is approved, Peggy will work with Richard Lowenberg to define DCN's role more specifically. In the meantime the RAC authorized the Center the use of a Mailman List to aid communication between the Centers involved in the project (Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento and Winters)

  2. Reports on Mailman Lists, Simple Sites and Calendars Anne gave a quick review of the 112 Mailman Lists that have been set up by the Web Team (105 authorized by the RAC). Anne will note those that appear to be inactive and contact the owners to see if they need help or encouragement.
  3. Discussions & Announcements In Anne's absence next month Alan Brattesani and John Chiles will co-chair the meeting. Anne will prepare and send out the draft agenda.

Adjourn at 8:05PM Next meeting: Wednesday.Nov 3, 2004

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