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Meeting Notes April 6, 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network Resource Allocation Committee Regular Meeting Apr. 6, 2005 Meeting Notes

Members present: Chiles, Evans, Hance Members absent: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Seth, Yamagata Visitors: Tsui Chang, Kathy Souza, Laurie Rollins

  1. Called to order at 6:35PM 2. Approved Agenda with addition of 3 c) 3. Review Projects:

    a) Claire Black Slotton was not present to make the requests from the Progressive Book/Activism Club. No discussion; no action.

    b) Project: Davis Dog Training Club After the presentation by representative Kathy Souza the committee approved: 1 Simple Site 2 Mailman Lists 1 Calendar Project to start 4/6/2005 - end indefinite

    c) Project: Committee for Gina Daleiden for school board. Requested by Laurie Rollins a member of the group's core committee the RAC approved their use of a DCN calendar until after the November election.

  2. Other The committee discussed two informal queries received recently. These may result in actual requests during the coming month. a) One was concerning an organization that is looking into advertising an employment opportunity and would like to broadcast the ad to other nonprofits in our area. The commiittee came up with several ways of doing this that take advantage of existing services. b) The other inquiry was from the Yolo Land Trust and involved relocation of existing web files and data to DCN servers.

No actions were taken in either case.

Adjourned at 7:15PM

Next meeting May 4, 2005

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