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Meeting Notes June 1, 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Jun. 1, 2005
Meeting Notes

Members present: Chiles, Hance
Members absent: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Evans, Seth, Yamagata,
Visitors: Tsui Chang, Erin Enrique, Laurel Sallack, Linnear Sallack,
Dustin Downey, Peggie Feldstein, Joseph Stewart

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30PM
2. The agenda was approved as distributed
3. We reviewed and approved the following 4 projects:

a) Project Name: DHS Advanced Treble Choir
Represented by Erin Enrique
and Laurel Sallack, choir members
Sponsored by Linnear Sallack, parent
1 Simple Site
1 Calendar
Start :June 1 2005; end: indefinite

b) Project Name: Cache Creek Nature Conservancy
Represented by Dustin Downey
2 Mailman Lists
1 Calendar
Start :June 1 2005; end: indefinite

c) Project Name: Congregation Bet Haverim
Represented by Peggie Feldstein
1 Mailman List
1 Calendar
Start :June 1 2005; end: indefinite

d) Project Name Davis Citizens for Representation
Represented by Joseph Stewart
1 email-only shell account
3 Mailman Lists
1 Calendar
Start :June 1 2005; end: indefinite

4. Expanding the RAC so that there are more active members.
We agreed that this is an important issue.
One of this evening's visitors expressed an interest
and will let us know.

Adjourn at 7:45PM

Next meeting: Wednesday.July 6, 2005

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