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Meeting Notes August 3 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Aug. 3, 2005
Meeting Notes

Present: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Chiles, Evans, Hance, Yamagata, Chang, Lowenberg Ex Officio

Visitors: Diana Childress, Julia Herdt, Mark Stinson.

1. Called to order at 6:32 p.m.
2. Approved agenda as distributed with addition of 3 c)
3. Approved resource requests as follows:

a) Winters Participation Gallery Project for the Arts
Presented by Diana Childress
I Simple Site
2 Mailman Lists
1 Calendar
Web Team help
Start Aug 3, 2005 - end indefinite

b) Davis Community Church
Presented by Julia Herdt and Mark Stinson
1 Calendar
Start Aug 3, 2005 - end indefinite

c) We discussed Richard Yamagata's request on behalf of "Jerry's
Heart's In Davis" and concluded that the best idea is for Richard to purchase the 2
Mailman Lists at $5 per month payable through Omsoft (all the fee is returned
to DCN). The committee agreed that it is very reluctant to approve a forum
since they have not proved to be a successful tool for group information-sharing
and are time consuming for the Web Team to set up. The committee wondered if
a Yahoo Groups forum would work for the applicant.

For some time now the Forum option has not been one of the resources offered
on the RAC Project Application Form and the committee decided to formalize
this with a vote. A motion to no longer offer Forums of the type currently
available on the DCN server was moved by Alan Brattesani and seconded by
Alan Bodenhorn. The motion was approved by consensus. Anne mentioned that
the Web Team is considering the possibility of offering a Blog option as an
alternative to the forum

4. The committee discussed the status of the approximately 145 Mailman Lists
currently set up for use by community and school groups. About 20 of these
have no members and most of the 20 are not in use (may never have been used.)
An additional 8 have only one member.

It was agreed that Anne should send an email to the owners/managers of these
lists to ask if there are plans for their use. With no prospect of usefulness the
Lists will be closed down. On the other hand if there are still plans for usage,
Anne will suggest attendance at a Mailman Class to brush up on skills and
encourage List use.

We briefly discussed the committee's review of active web sites that have
resulted from DCN support. Several members had been reviewing but not all so
we agreed that members should refer to Anne's email of July 7 which includes
links to most reviewable sites. Members will report verbally next month.

5. Anne mentioned that it is likely that she will be having knee replacement
surgery in September and in that case the committee will need a substitute chair
for several months thereafter.

Adjourned at 8:10 p.m.
Next meeting: September 7, 2005

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