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Meeting Notes September 7 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Sep 7, 2005
Meeting Notes

Present: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Chiles, Evans, Hance,
Absent: Yamagata, Lowenberg
Visitors: Sandy Weiss, Rose Marie Garofalo, Marja and Laura Koivunen, Kari Peterson

1. Called to order at 6:35PM
2. Approved Agenda with addition of item 6.
3. Review of Projects:
a) Project Name Grandparents Advocacy Network of N. California, Inc.
presented by Sandy Weiss and Rose Marie Garofalo
The organization serves Grandparents who are raising
grandchildren. There are about 1,200 such families in the area.
We approved the use of:
1 Simple Site
1 Calendar
2 Mailman Lists
Web Team help
Start, Sep 7 2005 end indefinite

b) Project Name Harper Band Boosters
presented by Marja Koivunen and her daughter Laura.
We approved the use of:
1 Simple Site
1 Calendar
Web Team help
Start, Sep 7 2005 end indefinite

c) Davis Community Television
presented by Kari Peterson on behalf of KDRT/DCTV Kari requested the use of DCN resources for a "Sponsored Project" involving a joint venture between DCN and KDRT/DCTV involving the creation of a convergent media site using the open source tool kit called Plone to build a community of traditional radio and tv delivered via the Internet. This will include web sites for KDRT (and eventually DCTV) producers as well as podcasts, video blogs and similar, newer technologies.
We approved the use of a Plone site to be developed as a KDRT/DCTV community space. Also 3 Mailman Lists and a Calendar.
The committee did not address the space needs (250 MB disk storage had been requested) because we did not have enough information to be able to determine a) if the requested amount was reasonable, or b) if DCN can allocate that much right now.
d) The committee ratified the Chair's approval of an additional Mailman List for the DHS band Boosters.

4. Anne explained that email-only accounts and shell accounts are similar enough that both need to be authorized economically in order not to be too demanding of DCN resources.

5. At next month's meeting a substitute chair will be selected to serve when the current chair has knee surgery in mid October and will be out of active commission for several months. It will be important for Richard Lowenberg to work closely with whoever is selected in order that the continuity of procedures and records can be maintained.

6. a) Anne reported that the issue of stagnant Mailman Lists is being addressed as agreed at our August meeting. Unused/unneeded Lists will be closed on September 16 as explained to the associated Mailman managers.

b) We agreed that it is necessary to add a few more people to the committee. The Chair commented that the committee needs people who are really (not casually) interested in DCN and in what the RAC does. John Chiles wondered if there are DCN Board members looking for a way to be more active/useful to DCN. Alan Bodenhorn suggested inviting people to attend several meetings before committing themselves. Anne Evans will try to bring someone she has already spoken to about the RAC to the next meeting.

Adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
Next meeting Wednesday Oct 5, 2005
Anne Hance <>

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