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Meeting Notes October 5, 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Oct. 5 2005
Meeting Notes

Members present: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Chiles, Evans, Hance
(Chair); also Tsui Chang (Advisor) and Richard Lowenberg (Exec.
Members absent: Yamagata
Visitors: Laurie and Russell Loving

NOTE: When our visitors arrived they found the Training Room
door locked but not properly closed and when they opened it all of
the very loud alarms were set off. Luckily, Anne Hance arrived a
few minutes later and re-set the alarm. A City IT person came over
to investigate and planned to intercept the police when they arrived.

1. Call to order at 6:31 PM by Anne Hance, Chair
2. Approved Agenda as distributed
3. Nonprofit Organization Project Reviews:

a) We reviewed the request presented on behalf of "Military
Families Speak Out: Capital Region" by Laurie and Russell Loving
and approved the following resources for indefinite use without
charge (moved by Alan Bodenhorn & seconded by Anne Evans):
1 email only account
1 Simple Site
2 Mailman Lists
1 Calendar
Web Team help & Training
The new group is associated (as a chapter) with a national MFSO
organization. It is non profit but not currently registered as nonprofit
charity with the California Secretary of State.

b) and c) The two projects:
The Homeopathic Alternative, and
SoulCollage├ć Central
submitted by Sue Volpi Gelber were not addressed because the
applicant did not appear. However, the committee did express its
thought that the projects look as if they might have a commercial

e) Review of the Ivy Town Neighborhood Assoc. issue
was not necessary since the DCN Web Team had been able to
remedy the situation by providing new passwords to the new project

4. We ratifiied the between-meetings approval of the following
projects - moved by John Chiles and seconded by Alan Brattesani.

a) Ratified approval of a Simple Site for Willett PTA
requested by Susan Lovenburg on 9/16/05
for a student Publications Club

b) Ratified approval of 2 Mailman Lists and a Calendar
for Montgomery Elementary PTA
requested by Lisa Nelson & Trish Bosco on 9/20/05

c) Ratified approval of a Mailman List for Explorit
requested by Tabatha Bruce on 9/30/05
for Explorit's new building Exhibit Team

5. a) Anne Evans agreed to chair the November RAC meeting and
possibly the December one also. Anne Hance will email her some
templates to use in communications with applicants before and after
the meeting(s); and with Omsoft and the Web Team with the
information about resources approved.

b) Richard passed on to the committee a suggestion from DCN
Board member Robert Nickerson that when the RAC authorizes a
group to use DCN resources we should encourage the applicants to
let their group members know where the free resources came from.
This might result in additional DCN accounts being purchased which
would help improve DCN's finances.

Adjourned at 7: 42 PM
Next meeting Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Submitted by
Anne Hance <>

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