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Meeting Notes December 7, 2005

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting: Wed. Dec. 7, 2005
City of Davis' Computer Training Room

Meeting Notes

Members Present: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Chiles, Evans, Hance (Chair),
Guests: Diane Sommers, Connie Erickson

1. Called to order at 6:32 PM by Anne Hance, Chair
2. Approved Agenda by consensus
3. We compiled minutes for the Nov 2, 2005 meeting and Anne will
circulate them for approval.

4. Review of project requests received:

a) Nicole Starsinic did not appear and the Slow Food Yolo request
for a Mailman List and a Calendar was not considered.

b) Diane Sommers and Connie Erickson presented a project request
from Suicide Prevention of Yolo County. We approved the use of the
following resources: 1 Simple Site, 1 Calendar, Web Team help. The
organization will want to register a domain name and will communicate with
the Web Team about how to arrange for a name to be connected to a Simple
Site. We also approved the potential use of a DCN shell account with 15 MB
storage space - this resource not to be used unless the Simple Site proves

c) We ratified the 11/21/05 pre-meeting approval of 8 Mailman Lists
for Bet Haverim Youth Groups represented by Zak Davis

5. Discussions
a) Future of the stckphoto site - tabled until January
b) Project Domain Name hosting - we talked about the need to make
committee members and applicants aware that DCN does not provide free
domain name hosting as one of its project resources. When applicants want
to register their own name they can have the name 'parked' without charge by
the Registrar they choose. The alternative is to arrange for the name through
Omsoft (or other ISP) and pay them the registration fee and $12.95 or so
monthly/annual fee for hosting the name. We also mentioned the importance
of paying the bills on time to avoid loss of the name.

6. Other & Announcements
a) Richard Y. suggested that the RAC needs to put some serious
thought into how many DCN resources are being provided free for indefinite
periods and whether some resources should be free for only a specific time
period. The issue reflects upon DCN's (impecunious) financial situation.
This discussion will be agendad for the January meeting.
b) Alan Bodenhorn reported on his difficulty in locating an email
address for 'DCN General Information Help" on the DCN Web.

Adjourn at 7:48 PM
Next meeting: Wednesday, January 4 2006

Submitted by
Anne Hance, Chair

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