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Meeting Notes January 4, 2006

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Jan 4 2006
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Evans, Hance, Yamagata
Absent: Bodenhorn, Chiles, Lowenberg Ex Officio
Visitors: None

1. Call to order 6:40 p.m.

2. We approved the agenda with the addition of item 3 e. to be presented by committee member Anne Evans.

3. There were no projects to discuss.

4. Discussions

a. We proactively approved the authorization of a shell account for the Winters Participation Gallery. Some resources were approved for this organization in August 2005 but a shell was not approved at that time. As presented by Richard Yamagata a member of the organization's board will use the shell to create a website. The committee's authorization is not official until the organization's legitimate representative, Megan Evans, submits the required application form.

b. We discussed the current committee practice of providing free shell accounts for indefinite periods to mini-projects. Anne will bring to the next RAC meeting some information of how much it costs DCN to maintain the free shells. There is an inclination on the part of committee members to restrict free use to a period of perhaps one year. This is the policy for major sponsored projects but has not been applied to mini-projects.

c. It was agreed after some discussion that we should follow Jason Aller's suggestion that the stckphoto site be closed since the photos have been moved to the Davis Wiki site.

d. It was agreed that the site may retain its shell usage. No time restrictions have yet been placed on this decision.

The issue raised the question of an RAC policy that RAC projects must be continually updated to remain valid. The site is an example of a project that will not be updated once it is finished but it has a value to the DCN web and to the Davis community.

e. Committee member Anne Evans talked over a potential project she would like to bring to the committee under the KDRT umbrella. Anne will submit a formal proposal for consideration next month.

Adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
Next meeting February 1, 2006

Submitted by
Anne Hance, Chair

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