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Meeting Notes February 1, 2006

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Feb. 1, 2006
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Evans, Hance, Yamagata, Lowenberg Ex Officio

Members absent: Bodenhorn, Chiles
Visitors: Tsui Chang, Melissa Wood, Stephen Coffeen, Diane Crumley, Gerald Cattarin, Susan Hennies.


1. Called to order at 6:35 pm by Chair Anne Hance
2. We approved the Agenda with the addition of item a) ii)
3. Review Projects:

a) i) Honey Bee Hive Project of the Artist in Residence, Davis Art Center
presented by Melissa Wood and Stephen Coffeen
1 DCN shell account,
1 Simple Site
2 Mailman Lists
1 Calendar
Start Feb 2, 2006
This will be a year-long project that will start this summer and end about August 2007. The completed project may apply to be retained as a largely static site. Approval moved by Alan Brattesani, seconded by Anne Evans; motion passed by consensus.

ii) Davis Cemetery Project
introduced by Richard Lowenberg
presented by Susan Hennies and Gerald Cattarin
1 Simple Site
1 Calendar
Start Feb 2, 2006
This project is to support the existing Cemetery site which is not updatable. The Simple Site solution might be only a temporary one but should serve the current need. Approval moved by Anne Evans and seconded by Alan Brattesani; motion passed by consensus.

b) We ratified the following between-meetings pre-approvals:
i. Winters Participation Gallery for the Arts
Requested by Megan Evans
I dcn shell with 10MB storage - no charge
1 Mailman List
1 Calendar
(Richard noted that the site will be image-heavy and more
storage may be needed.)

ii. Mike Levy for Davis City Council
Requested by Jonathan Clay
1 Calendar
Richard Y. asked if there was any concern about this being a political group. It was agreed that the Calendar is appropriate for such a use while resources such as a shell or Simple Site would not be provided without a fee. Tsui remarked that candidates are routinely informed of DCN resources available with or without a fee but it is still a bit early to do this since not all candidates yet have yet registered their candidacy.

iii. DaVinci High School
Requested by Marnelle Gleason
1 Mailman List (total now = 2)

iv. Woodland Business Link
Requested by Richard Yamagata
1 Mailman List (total now = 3)

v. The Davis Democrat Club
Requested by Richard Yamagata
1 Mailman List (total now = 2)

Ratification of the five items was moved by Anne Evans and seconded by Anne Hance; motion passed by consensus.

4. Discussion
a) We briefly discussed the RAC's current practice of providing free shell accounts for indefinite periods to mini-projects. It was agreed that the practice was important in meeting DCN's community service goals as well as being important to several of the current MOUs with our partners.

b) We discuss the RAC policy that RAC projects must be continually updated to remain valid. While we agreed that this policy is an important one we agreed also that we should remain flexible in this regard. Anne Hance said she would draft some flexible wording and bring it to the next meeting with a suggested placement on the RAC web pages so that the adjusted policy would be recorded in a findable place.

5. Other: a) The issue of Creative Commons copyright licensing came up in conversation and Richard L. commented that he expects to have his two interns work up a handout with such information.

b) We welcomed Diane Crumley as a new RAC member.

Adjourned at 7:40 pm
Next meeting March 1, 2006
Submitted by Anne Hance, Chair

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