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Meeting Notes June 7, 2006

RAC Meting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting June 7, 2006
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Chiles, Crumley, Evans, Hance,
Lowenberg Ex Officio

Members absent: Bodenhorn, Yamagata,
Visitors: Tsui Chang, Virna De Paul, Cath and Will Posehn

1. Called to order at 6:35pm
2. Approved Agenda
3. Reviewed and approved the following projects:

a. Name: DHS PTA for PTA Council
Presented by Tsui Chang
1 Simple Site 2.0
1 Mailman List
1 Calendar
Start as of June 7, 2006

b. Name: Fairfield Elementary School
Presented by Virna De Paul
1 Simple Site 2.0
1 Mailman List
1 Calendar
Web Team help
Start as of June 7, 2006

c. Name: Yolo Community Foundation
Presented by Cath Posehn (assisted by son Will)
1 dcn shell account
1 Calendar
Start as of June 7, 2007

4. We ratified the pre-meeting approval of 2 Simple Sites 2.0 for
Willett Elementary requested by Susan Lovenberg

5. Discussion:
a. we discussed unintentional excessive use of images by RAC
projects and Anne gave a recent example of a project whose images in
a Simple Site used nearly 1GB. The Web Team Chair corresponded with
the project leader and the images were moved to Flickr (on Yahoo) and
accessed with links to individual images.

b. We discussed Richard's move to Santa Fe and that
discussion morphed into a conversation about digital story-telling.
Ann Evans recently attended the Berkeley digital-story-telling
workshop and is very eager to use some of her collection of
interviews as digital stories.

We adjourned at about 7:40pm

Submitted by Anne Hance, Chair.

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