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Meeting Notes October 4, 2006

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Oct 4 2006
Meeting Notes

Members present: Bodenhorn, Brattesani, Chiles, Evans, Hance, Yamagata,
Members absent:: Crumley,
Visitors: Tsui Chang, Don Martinich

1. Called to order at 6:30pm
2. Agenda was approved as distributed

3. We reviewed the following project::
a) Project name: Old North Davis Neighborhood Ass.
Represented by Don Martinich
Applicant is ready to move the group's website to DCN
but found that a Simple Site would not fit their needs.
Request for 1 shell account was approved with 25 MB storage.

4. Anne explained that the applicant for the Mailman List approved
for the Friends of Mondavi had a hard time learning how to use the
resource. Richard Y. said he would help with this since he had
previously told the applicant that he would do so.

5. Discussion

a. Richard Y moved and John C. seconded a motion to
re-affirm the extra disk allocations for explorit and stcjphto. The
motion passed unanimously.
b. Anne agreed to be in touch with the person who contacted
DCN about a web page for dog owners. If there is a legitimate 'Davis
Dog Owners Group' they could apply to RAC.


a) Tsui told us that the following classes are scheduled:
Mailman 12, October
Calendar 19 October
Simple Site 2 November

b. Anne Evans spoke about a possible project involving
students of the UCD Community Development Dept.
We will follow up on this potential.

Adjourned at 7:15 pm
Next meeting November 1, 2006

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