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Meeting Notes November 1, 2006

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Nov. 1, 2006
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Crumley, Evans, Hance (Chair)
Members absent: Bodenhorn, Chiles, Yamagata.
Visitors: Tsui Chang, Nik Joshi

1. Called to order at 6:36pm

2. Approved agenda with correction of applicant's name to Nik Joshi.

3. We reviewed the application from Friends of Central Park Gardens
as provided by Emily Griswold and presented by Nik Joshi.
The following resources were approved by consensus
on a motion by Anne Evans, seconded by Diane Crumley:
1 DCN Simple Site v. 2.0
3 Mailman Lists
1 DCN Calendar
Web Team assistance
To start immediately.
The project involves the volunteer group calling itself Friends of
Central Park Gardens, the Master Gardeners, and Davis Farm to School
Connection. The project members are applying for grant funding and
will soon be approaching the City to obtain approval for their plans
and the garden design.

4. We ratified the 'between meetings' approval of the following applications:
Emerson Jr High Spanish Immersion Boosters - 1 Mailman
Davis Volleyball Club - 1 Mailman

5. Anne spent some time bringing the committee up to speed with the
activities of the DCN Board as it continues the strategic planning
started just before the departure of Executive Director Richard
Lowenberg. She talked about the working groups and touched on
possible future directions/projects for the organization.

Adjourned at 7:29 pm
Next meeting December 6, 2006

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