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Meeting Notes February 7. 2007

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Feb. 7, 2007
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Chang, Crumley, Hance
Members absent: Bodenhorn, Chiles, Evans, Yamagata
Visitors: Lisa Nelson, Jean and Alan Jackman, Steve McMahon

1. Called to Order by Chair Hance at 6:35 p.m.
2. Agenda was approved without change
3. We reviewed the following applications:

Project name: DHS Blue Devil Football Boosters
Represented by Lisa Nelson
We approved:
1 Simple Site
4 Mailman Lists
1. Calendar
To start February 8, 2007

Project Name: Davis Community Scrapbook
Represented by Jean Jackman
We approved:
1 Simple Site
1 Mailman List
To start February 8, 2007
We were intrigued and excited about the Scrapbook
project that will be comprised of (max 3 min / 350 words)
stories, poems, anecdotes, songs, photos of Davis.

4. We ratified the Jan 25th approval of a Mailman List for the DJUSD
Site Council "DHSPTA."

5. We were delighted to welcome Tsui Chang as a bona fide "member"
of the RAC. And very pleased that Steve McMahon was able to
participate and provide guidance in the discussions about the Davis
Community Scrapbook project application.

Adjourned at 7:55 p.m.
Next meeting March 7, 2007

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