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Meeting Notes August 1, 2007

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Aug 1, 2007
6:30pm City Training Room

Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Chang, Chiles, Crumley, Gonzales, Hance (chair), Yamagata
Members absent: Bodenhorn, Evans,
Visitors: Jose Martinez, Becky

1.  Called to order at 6:35PM
2.  Approved Agenda with removal of item 3a and  addition of item 3d

We welcomed Bob Gonzales as a member of the RAC. Welcome Bob.

3.  We Reviewed the following projects and approved resources:
      a)    Otwetiri Project - withdrawn.  The Otwetiri Project submitted by Stephanie Thrasher) was withdrawn because the group had found other ways of creating their web presence.
      b)   Approved: Food Bank of Yolo County
    presented by Jose Martinez
        1 Simple Site
        1 Calendar
        Web Team help
    To start as of Aug 1, 2007
    Jose mentioned contacting DCN and meeting some
    years ago with then E.D. Lowenberg.
       c)   Approved: Yolo Lodge 169 IOOF
    presented by G Richard Yamagata
        1 Shell
        1 Calendar
    To start as of Aug 1, 2007
    These resources are added to the shell and Mailman
    Lists approved for Yolo Lodge 169 in 2004.  Richard
    explained the need for these and why he preferred to
    use a shell rather than a SimpleSite.
      d)     Approved: DJUSD Performing Arts Support Groups
    presented by Bob Gonzales
        An aggregated (Master) Calendar for DJUSD
    music and other performing arts support groups.
    To start as of Aug 1, 2007      

4. We ratified the following approvals made between meetings
       a)   Friends of Susan Lovenburg
    submitted by Susan Lovenburg
        1 Calendar
    Received June 29, 2007
       b)  YES For Our Students
    submitted by Laurie Rollins
        1 Calendar
    Received July 26, 2007

5. Discussion
    John Chiles reported that the long-standing Auksucial Foundation Web Site is being moved to a Costco server at the direction of the Foundation Board. They apparently believe it will be less expensive than the $0 charged by DCN.

Adjourn at 7:40PM

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