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Meeting Notes November 7, 2007

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Nov 7, 2007
Meeting Notes

Members present: Brattesani, Chang, Chiles, Crumley, Hance (chair), Yamagata
Members absent: Evans, Gonzales,
Visitors: Diana L. Cox, Vicki Suter, Kari Peterson, Rian Graves

1.  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM By chair Hance

2.  The Agenda as distributed was approved by consensus  on a motion by John Chiles

3.  We reviewed the request for a SimpleSite from the American Red Cross Club of UC Davis. It was  presented by Diana L. Cox the Club Advisor and county ARC Emergency Services Director.  On a motion by John Chiles, seconded by Richard Yamagata the UCD Club was authorized, by consensus,  the use of:
       1 Simple Site
        1 Calendar

4. On a motion by John Chiles we ratified approvals for Mailman made between meetings to

     a) Marguerite Montgomery Elementary Spanish Immersion Program  
     b) Independent Order of Odd Fellows for their Bingo project

5. A very interesting presentation of DCN's Digital Literacy Toolkit project as made by  Kari Peterson, Vicki Suter and Rian Graves.  The timeline is short and DCN has been fortunate to find some intern assistance via the UCD internship program.

      b)  A fairly detailed discussion of the Digital Toolkit revealed a very exciting project designed to meet DCN's mission of  nonprofit capacity building.  The project aims to increase the number of tools (resources) that DCN is able to introduce to area nonprofits.  These tools will include the ones that the DCN Webteam has developed as well as other freely available tools such as Google Apps.  The idea is that DCN would research the non-DCN tools and determine their ease of use etc. so that our local nonprofits can be assisted in their choice of tools depending upon their current capacity to manage new technology. It was pointed out that DCN will have to be very careful not to promise hand-holding it does not have the capacity to provide. A significant aspect of the Toolkit project is empowering nonprofits in the use of tools such as blogs, wikis, video, RSS feeds etc that are part of the so-called evolved Web aka Web 2.0.

      a)  Briefly mentioned was the model volunteer management project that DCN is working on. The project will model the use of a web based Content Management System (CMS) and a web based Customer (i.e. Volunteer) Relations Management (CRM) system.  The CMS and CRM modules will be tested by DCN and then introduced to other nonprofits.

Adjourn at 7:50PM

Next meeting: Wednesday December 5 2007

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