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Meeting Notes December 6, 2007

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Meeting Notes for
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Dec 5, 2007   6:30pm City Training Room

RAC Members present: Chang, Hance (chair), Yamagata
             absent:  Brattesani, Chiles, Crumley, Evans, Gonzales,
Visitor:  Eric Parsons

1.  The chair called the meeting to order at 6:35PM
2.  The agenda was approved by consensus
3.  We reviewed the application from the DHS Volleyball Team and approved it as follows:

Davis High School Volleyball Team
    presented by Eric Parsons
        3 Mailman Lists
        1 Simple Site
        1 Calendar
    Start Dec 5, 2007 - end indefinite

4. We ratified approvals made between meetings

    a)  UC Davis Department of Music:  Calendar
          requested by Jessica Kelly on behalf of the dept.
    b)  Davis Volleyball Club:  2  Mailman Lists.
          requested by Cassandra Wittmann.
         The RAC okayed 9 in 2004 but only 5 were set up at that time so we re-authorized 2 of the unused ones.

5. Discussions

    a) Yolo County Calendar:
We talked about the new project that will create a Yolo County aggregated nonprofit calendar with the cooperation of the Yolo Community Foundation.  An emailed invitation has been drafted and will be forwarded to the executive director of the Foundation with the request that she send it on to her nonprofit contacts throughout the county. This method has been chosen as preferable to sending the invitation from a address since many of the nonprofits may be unfamiliar with DCN and so likely to view the invitation with suspicion.

    b)  Winters Participation Gallery for the Arts
We discussed the issue of confusion on the part of representatives of the Winters Participation Gallery for the Arts. This group was authorized the use of specific DCN resources in 2005 and again in 2006 (different representatives.) This November another person, presumably unaware of the earlier actions, has expressed her intention of applying to the RAC.  We decided that this person should be asked to contact the RAC chair with a request either via the online form or by personal email. Then the needed resources can be re-authorized. The group is using the authorized  RAC shell - with a website managed by VME -  but the SimpleSite, Lists and calendar remain unused at this time.

    c) Sacramento Area Peace Action
We talked about the request received from "Sacramento Area Peace Action". They have problems maintaining their traditional website and would like to move to a SimpleSite with Mailman. Although they are Sacramento based they have Davis people involved, some previously on their board. Obviously the Sacramento designation is a problem fotr DCN but we decided we needed more information so Anne will reply asking a representative to attend the January meeting.

6.  The committee adjourned at 7:15PM

Submitted by Anne Hance, Chair
Next meeting: Wednesday January 2, 2008

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