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Meeting Notes January 2, 2008

RAC Meeting Notes

Davis Community Network
Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Jan. 2, 2008
Meeting Notes

Members present:  Chang, Chiles, Gonzales, Hance (Chair)
Members absent:  Brattesani, Crumley, Evans, Yamagata,
Visitors: Janet Meizel

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm
2.  The agenda was approved with the addition of item 3 b. Request
from Sacramento Area Peace Action
3.  We reviewed the following projects

    a)  Senior Moments - approved by consensus
         Presented by Janet Meizel
         was authorized the use of
        1 Simple Site
        1 calendar
    To start  immediately - end indefinite

    b)  Sacramento Area Peace Action - approved on a vote
         of 3 ayes and one abstention
          Presented by Anie Wilson on behalf of Maggie Coulter
          was authorized the use of
        1 Simple Site
        1 Calendar
        1 Mailman
    To start immediately - end indefinite

    The committee discussed this all volunteer organization's project at length because while it serves Yolo County (and originally had the word Yolo in its name) its office is in Sacramento.  Facts in support of this approval are as follows: the person who will manage the resources is a West Sacramento resident, a Board members are or have been Davis residents, and the organization has a DCN account with Omsoft. Also there are about 6 previous RAC approvals for organizations that are not purely Yolo County but do have members and officers residing in Davis who are the parties responsible for the resources.
    The vote, made by Bob Gonzales and seconded by Anne Hance,
moved approval of the  request  under special circumstances that are to be part of the official approval notice as follows:
    "DCN's service area is  Yolo County and a constraint on the
use of the resources granted by the RAC  is a requirement that the resources be managed by a Yolo County resident. Should an RAC approved group find this to be impossible they must let DCN know this by email to"
    The issue would then be reviewed by the RAC.

4.  Anne reminded the committee about the creation of a Yolo County aggregated calendar and the invitation to Yolo County nonprofits  to participate. No requests have yet been received but because of the holidays and the need for organization to discuss such matters with their boards DCN need take no action yet. If there are no responses in a month or so DCN should consider a news article and/or a second invitation .

5.  Other
    John Chiles brought up the issue of how DCN keeps track of the use and management  of the tools it provides to nonprofits. This is difficult since nonprofits generally have a regular turnover of volunteers and the RAC is not often notified of personnel changes. This issue will be on the agenda at the next meeting - on February 6, 2008.

Adjourned at  7:45 pm
Next meeting  February 6, 2008

Submitted by Anne Hance, chair

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