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Meeting Notes February 6, 2008

RAC Meeting Notes

Resource Allocation Committee
Regular Meeting Feb 6, 2008
6:30pm City Training Room
Meeting Notes

Members present: Chang, Chiles, Crumley, Gonzales, Meizel, Hance (chair), Yamagata
Members absent: Brattesani,  Evans,
Visitors:  Scott Alumbaugh, John Hess

1.  The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by Chair Hance
2.  The agenda was approved as distributed
3.  We reviewed the projects as follows

    a)   The Birch Lane Elementary School application submitted by Katherine Heck was not discussed since no project representative was able to attend.    Two aspects of the request had been approved between meetings (Mailman and Calendar) but for the requested SimpleSite  to be approved the RAC policies required  attendance at a meeting.  Committee member Tsui Chang is already working with this project and spoke to an urgent need to get the SimpleSite started. It was informally agreed that Tsui would ask one of the Birch lane representatives to confirm this urgency in an email to the RAC Chair who agreed to then conduct an email conference with the RAC members to resolve the issue.

          b)  John Hess, board member and Scott Alumbaugh, Ex-Officio Board Member/web volunteer  presented the application submitted on behalf of the newly created California Bicycle Museum organization. The committee approved the resources requested:
        1 SimpleSite
        1 Mailman List
        1 Calendar
        Web Team Assistance

         c)  Neither Andrew Bruch nor Jann Murray-Garcia appeared to present the request from Youth in Focus .

4. The following approvals made between RAC meetings were ratified unanimously
    a)  CERT  (Davis Community Emergency Response Team) 1 Mailman requested by  Wes Hardaker
    b) Slidehill Neighborhood Association, 1 Calendar  requested by Heloisa Kinder

5. Discussions
    a) How DCN keeps track of the use and management of the tools it provides to nonprofits. Time was short so we had only a brief conversation on this topic. One peripherally related issue that arose was the concern by committee members that DCN should do more consistent, community-wide outreach.

    b) Possible alternative date for regular meetings. Anne had done an email poll that showed that the most convenient alternative date for the majority (6 of 7) of the committee would be on fourth Tuesdays. A motion that this date be approved as a new meeting time was made by Bob Gonzales and seconded by Tsui Chang. The motion, voted on by those present,  failed unanimously.  The committee clearly was not willing to purposefully change to a date that would eliminate a long-time member of the committee.  A second date (third Mondays)  was tentatively approved but will not be adopted unless the choice is convenient for the absent committee member.

We adjourned at 7:55PM
Next meeting: ?  to be determined
Submitted by Anne Hance, Chair

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