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What can DCN do for your nonprofit?

If you represent a Yolo County not-for-profit group we can approve, for your group's use, DCN's Internet/Web tools that can help you share information about your organization, its services and special projects via the Internet. The DCN Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) allocates use of the DCN tools.

The information on this page is obsolete. The page is available only for archival purposes.

[I] Why use DCN Tools?  

See "Free website options come with trade-offs" --

[II] What are the DCN Tools?  

There are three tools, two of which were created by DCN, all three of which are free:

  1. Mailman mail lists,
  2. a free website template called a SimpleSite and
  3. a Web Calendar that integrates seamlessly with the SimpleSite and with DCN's Davis Community Calendar.

Note that SimpleSites and web calendars are only available for groups that are already using these resources. DCN is no longer providing these for new groups due to the availability of better alternatives.

These resources do not require a DCN email account but do require access to the Internet by some means.

DCN is the "carrier" of information resulting from this assistance it is not the "publisher" and does not edit web pages or other activities.

[III] What support does DCN provide for the use of these tools?

  1. The DCN TOOLKIT GUIDE – links to help pages including video tutorials for DCN Tool Users
  2. The associated HELP CENTER for current users is at
  3. DCN can also provide some individual help and group training in the use of these DCN tools.
  4. DCN schedules a series of classes in Spring and Fall. Some classes offer training in the use of the tools and others are on various types of contemporary Internet usage.

[IV] Who is eligible to use DCN Tools?

Yolo county 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or other not-for-profit groups with a roster of members and officers. 

Limited Eligibility: Groups that endorse a candidate for political office or a local or national ballot issue are eligible to use a DCN Web Calendar but no other DCN free resource. Such groups requiring a Mailman List can apply for a List at $5 per month at 


  1. Submit the application form (linked below) with your best assessment of your needs.
  2. The DCN Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) Chair will respond by email and tell you if you will need to present your request at an RAC monthly meeting (third Monday evenings) where details of your request can be worked out and guidance given to those applicants who are not yet very familiar with the technologies.  Attendance at an RAC meeting is not always necessary.  You can discuss this with the RAC chair when you receive his/her email.


for SimpleSite, Web Calendar and/or Mailman List(s)


[VI] How to get started after your application is approved

  1. Whether or not you have needed to attend an RAC meeting you will need to wait for an email telling you if your application is approved and which tools you have been authorized to use.
  2. Please wait for this approval email with its further instructions. 

[VII] Contact Information for Project Applicants and Leaders

[VIII] About the RAC

  • Meeting Date: Once a month on the third Monday of each month
  • Time: 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
  • Location: Davis Senior Center at 648 A Street, Davis
  • Minutes/Meeting Notes:  in the RAC Minutes directory
  • Committee Membership roster

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