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Web Calendar

DCN's easy-to-use Web Calendar is designed for use by organizations in the local region. It allows an organization to enter and edit events via a web interface and make real-time changes for their calendar as well as the events they've flagged for display in the Davis Community Calendar. DCN provides this facility at no cost to eligible local nonprofits and not-for-profit groups.

  • Simply fill out an online application form at: 
  • Training classesHelp Center and assistance via email are available.
  • Compared with other calendar facility, the biggest difference is that by maintaining their events, local organizations also will be cooperatively maintaining the pooled Davis Community Calendar, a community-wide calendar.
  • DCN's Web Calendar can be used independently and/or integrated with your website, whether you use DCN's SimpleSite or not.
  • It can be easily styled with CSS to match your website's style.  (Example)
  • Display in various formats is possible - a grid, a list, by month/week/day, a side box for upcoming events.
    • DCN has mechanisms to create a pooled calendar for a set of organizations, e.g. the Davis Multi-school Calendar.
    • Users can opt to be listed among other participating organizations in the Davis Community Calendar.
    • Management of the calendar (including editing events) is administered through a web interface with a user ID and password. 
    • More than 200 local groups have chosen to use DCN's common (shared) web platform rather than the various free, commercial programs/tools. Besides helping to build community assets, the organization to which the calendar was granted owns its calendar data. The merits may not be as obvious at first; with some calendar services, the calendar belongs to the hosting company and de facto control over it to the individual who set it up and holds the password.  In contrast, DCN can help your organization reset the password in case it becomes inaccesssible.  (Also see Free website options come with trade-offs.) 


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