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Collaborative Workflow Tools

Internet tools designed to help nonprofits and individuals collaborate better

Document and File Sharing
Collaborative/workflow tools; document sharing solutions for joint editing and version control. Documents in various formats are available according to user permissions, so that they can be composed and edited jointly; current versions are always available
Internal Scheduling
Scheduling (e.g., Google calendar) for maintaining availability schedules, proposing meeting dates and times, confirming meetings, generating reminders about meetings
Project and Task Planning
New collaborative/workflow tools: Project planning and task assignments; set up and assign tasks, track, send reminders, attach resources and references
Interactive Realtime Communications
New collaborative/workflow tools: Instant messaging and VolP such as AIM or Skype allow for chance encounters and quick Q&A for progress on team projects; also supports online meetings
New collaborative/workflow tool: whiteboards hosts documents or images that can be jointly edited.
New collaborative/workflow tool: wiki hosts collaborative websites that can be jointly edited and linked either by login permission or public access, in which case “members of the community can add value to website by sharing information and experiences, and this can create community feeling”
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