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Communication Tools

These tools help your organization to communicate better

New collaborative/workflow tool: wiki hosts collaborative websites that can be jointly edited and linked either by login permission or public access, in which case “members of the community can add value to website by sharing information and experiences, and this can create community feeling”
Web Forms
Create and distribute professional-quality forms, collect response data, and integrate your findings into your database using web forms!
There are now something like 20 million blogs. Several thousands new ones launched every day. Should your organization blog?
RSS Newsfeeds
Being a nonprofit is tough and trying to maintain your presence on the Web, well, that is hard too. Consider using RSS Feeds to help get your organization's message out there for your audience.
Threaded Forums
Threaded forums can make complex conversations LESS confusing by allowing a poster to easily address a comment made earlier without having to explain which post he is referencing; this permits more focused and coherent discussion of sub-issues raised by the original post.
Electronic Newsletters
So you’re looking for a way to send out email in bulk. Maybe you want to send fancy eNewsletters, or maybe just text action alerts. Perhaps you’re hoping for a tool that can send emails to tens of thousands of people, or perhaps just a few hundred. Maybe you need something that can integrate with your offline database, customize the content for large donors, send emails to tailored segments of your list, or allow custom eNewsletter templates. Regardless of your precise needs, you no doubt are hoping for a tool that is reliable, affordable, and easy to use.
Many nonprofits have survey and reporting needs; here is a list of resources
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