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Social Networking Tools

These tools can be used by nonprofit organizations as a way to connect, build, and strengthen relationships with constituents

Myspace pages are easy to set up, have wide adoption, are excellent for connecting with youth – the MySpace Impact Awards give grants/awards to orgs/individuals for the positive impact they make on the world through their myspace pages
Facebook is an incredibly powerful platform for social networking. It has many built in applications which add extra functionality to your Facebook page. Many nonprofit organizations already use it for connecting professionally with their constituents.
Allows you to build your OWN social network site with custom questions asked of members, and support for many basic social networking functionalities: blogs, photogalleries, forums, groups, profiles – members can create their own groups – also well integrated with Gmail, Yahoo mail and YouTube
Built for professionals, this supports relationship building across a wide range of industries (not just nonprofit organizations). You can post jobs, look for jobs and seek professional advice on a ranges of professional issues. People become invested in LinkedIn because you can build credibility and reputation by contributing to answering people's questions. Also allows to see who knows who in the professional world.
A social networking site that asks the questions Where are you? and What are you doing? Used by friends, family and co-workers who wish to stay in touch.
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