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Many nonprofits have survey and reporting needs; here is a list of resources

Survey Gizmo
SurveyGizmo is a creative platform for your marketing, lead generation and research projects. Create surveys, landing pages, polls, quizzes, contact forms, ticketing queues and mobile marketing campaigns. Allows for 250 responses per month and a “personal” version for $19/month. These omit some desirable features, like skip logic.
Survey Monkey
SurveyMonkey has a single purpose: to enable anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. It has a free and an inexpensive version ($19.95/month for up to 1,000 responses)
Question Pro
Features include skip logic, in its free-to-nonprofits “Web Professional” version (normally $15/month), in exchange for a reciprocal link on your website’s home page
A bit more expensive ($99 for three months or $350/year for nonprofits and educational institutions). It offers robust templating and sample surveys, which can be a big help if you’re not sure what kinds of questions to ask.
If you’re looking for a survey system that can do just about anything and you don’t care so much about design or reporting, SurveyZ may have everything you need.
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